Client Contributions
Dear Nicole, Thanks so much for listeing to me over the past 3 months.  It has been a great help to talk to you and voice my guilt and shame.  I am very optimistic about the future and it has been important for to me to talk to someone I trust and in confidence.  Of course it all happened at the right time for me - I was ready.  So many thanks.

Nicole, thank you so saved me...saved me from myself and gave me a gift..the best gift anyone could have...happiness.  You truly are a fantastic lady.

I had been suffering from anxiety and battling my own thoughts for around two and a half years and after having had no success with self help guides, I decided to have the courage to so something about it and sought counselling from Nicole. Counselling can be a daunting prospect and I have always felt there was a stigma around needing to get extra help. However, on meeting Nicole, I felt at ease about the choice I had made and she made me feel proud of the fact that I had admitted needing support. 
We went on a journey of understanding what had lead me to feeling the way I had and identified key points in my life that may have affected me as an adult. Every week we would discuss different things and sometimes, just saying things out loud made me feel 'free'. Nicole often gave me ideas and reading to do at home or in my own time and through this continued commitment I really started to feel the changes. Nicole never judged and in the comfort of her therapy room, I felt able to talk about anything. One of the things that benefited me most was the 'devil's advocate' questions that she would ask me. These made me really evaluate myself and my behaviours. Having finished the therapy, I feel 'free' to be myself and have so much confidence that I no longer question what other people think of me. I also consciously notice when I am taking on old thoughts and patterns and find ways to deal with them. I would recommend this therapy to anyone and would certainly consider going back if I ever felt I was going back to my old patterns. 
My sincere thanks to you Nicole for everything.



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